Diversifying Our Delegation

Educational Staff Associates (ESAs – folks like, School Psychs, Nurses, PTs, OTs, SLPs, Counselors, Mental Health Specialists, and other non-classroom teacher types) are the most under-represented portion of the NTEA membership in terms of holding elected offices, as Building Representatives, and as elected Delegates to both the state (WEA-RA) and national (NEA-RA) annual Conventions; perhaps, […]

The TA has been ratified!

The 2019-21 Tentative Agreement ratification vote results are in. Members have ratified the TA – now a two-year agreement with North Thurston Public Schools – with 721 YES votes (97%) and 23 NO votes (3%). Some 72% of the eligible membership took part in voting on the TA. This affirmative vote by NTEA membership means that […]

Choice for Teachers are at it again

Dear Colleague, The Freedom Foundation and Choice for Teachers are at it again, contacting WEA members and encouraging them to drop union membership. They’ve sent mailers to many members this week. They’ve also been known to send email and have shown up at our members’ homes. They often state that you can get a refund, […]

Schools scoff at funding plan

From The Olympian, August 20, 2017 BY MELISSA SANTOS msantos@thenewstribune.com State lawmakers took a victory lap earlier this summer after passing a school-funding plan they said finally meets the state’s education obligations. Now, some local school districts have a message for the Legislature: The numbers aren’t adding up. District officials in Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle […]